Monday, 27 January 2014

HP10 - High Wycombe in the Top 20 Burglary Hot-Spots in the UK has released figures from over 3.1 million home insurance quotes. The top 20 was made up of the areas where the most people reported having made previous claims for burglary, per thousand people.

Coming in at number 20 in the list were website visitors from the HP10 postcode district which includes High Wycombe, Flackwell Heath, Handy Cross, Hedsor, Loudwater, Penn, Tylers Green, Wooburn, Wooburn Green, and Wooburn Moor in Buckinghamshire.

The figure was 27.3 claims per 1000 visitors from the HP10 area.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What happened to Smiths Security Services Ltd in Reading?

In 2011 Smiths Security Services Ltd was acquired by Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (Stanley CSS), part of Stanley Black & Decker. If you would still like to have your existing alarm maintained and cared-for by a local installation company, and are looking for an alternative to Stanley Security Solutions, why not give us a call, or visit our website to retrieve a free no-obligation quotation and more information?

If you do decide to switch your maintenance contract, we'll also fit a brand-new cover to your bell box*.

* Subject to shape and model of existing bell box

Why does my front door now chime every time I open and close it?

If your front door, or perhaps any other door has suddenly started making a chiming noise through your alarm system, it's because you have activated the 'chime' feature.
This feature is toggled on and off by pressing the 'C' key when the alarm is in it's normal unset state. When you press the 'C' key you will see a small lower case 'c' character appear or disappear on the keypad LCD display.
It's nothing to worry about. Note: Only zones/detectors programmed by the engineer to be chime enabled will trigger if you activate the 'chime' facility.