Monday 11 November 2013

5 Tips to make your home more secure this winter

The clocks have gone back, and the nights are closing in. For burglars this is a perfect opportunity to break in and help themselves to your valuables whilst it is dark outside.

One further thing that encourages a burglar to your home is the appearance that you have gone away. By not letting the thief believe you're not in, you can quickly reduce the risk of being a victim this winter.

Here are 5 simple things you can right now to make sure that your house looks inhabited and reduce the risk of burglary...

1. Install Timers For Lights And Other Electronic Devices

Is your house quiet? No movement, no sounds? This is a vital clue to a would-be burglar that there is no one at home. The same can be said if the house is always dark and lights are never seen going on or off.

To stop your house from being dark and silent, install light timers and plug-timers for other electronic equipment such as radios or televisions so that they will be turned on and off at specific times.

These timers are quite cheap, so there's no excuse not to use them.

2. Redirect Your Post

Another give away to Mr Burglar is a wodge of post sticking out of your letterbox or littering your porch.

Clearly display a “No Junk Mail” sign (this will help the environment too)

Redirect your post or have a trusted friend or neighbour come to pick it up for you.

3. Do Not Keep Rooms Completely Tidied Away

A typical British habit is to give the house a complete spring clean just before we go away on holiday. Whilst it is nice to return to a clean home, if it's too tidy then the thief is thinking that you've probably gone away for a while.

Just leave a bit of mess in rooms that can be looked into from the accessible windows. Leave a book (not a newspaper showing the date that you went away on holiday) opened on a table and a cup and a spoon (ideally a bit dirty).

4. Don't leave a voicemail message saying that you are on holiday

You couldn’t make it easier for burglars to know that you are not at home than by telling it to them yourself. Switch off the answering machine and redirect your calls to your mobile. Whenever the phone rings, you will always pick up, giving the impression that you are in the house right now.

5. Get an Alarm System installed

We supply, install and maintain a variety of security systems which can be tailor-made for your home. With an illuminated bell on your property during the dark evenings and night, your home will not just be protected, but will "look" protected so that would-be burglars are put off and won't even try to break in.

You can read about our range of security systems at

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